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Working in an uncommon field

Hopefully uncommon field in this blog is not about strange but, is more of the fields that are not yet known or are in trend. We All have heard about Engineering, medicals, law, charted accountants or many more professions yet, there do exist people who have Much more ideas as well as plans to pursue professions of their likings.

The best way is to prove ourselves in something that we will to do or will to take an attempt of!

The professions that even today are acknowledged to be limited or have a short ongoing time are like :

1. Modelling

2. Writing

3. Web designing

4. Photography

5. Sports person

6. Language translators

7. Content writers

8. Chefs and head cooks

9. Film and video editors

10. Musicians

And much more… the list goes like on and on and on…..

What we forget is to never compare either as an individual or as a profession. The trend as of today is much more inclined toward the degree that an individual is awarded with, or the institutions where they have completed the schooling or higher studies or the percentage of marks that a student gets!

We are so bound of our thinking that in today’s world we either want to be an IITian, Civil officer, an Engineer or a doctor because we have a perspective of keeping somewhere as a backup plan that, once turned old these professions still make you earn a penny for the day!

In today’s competitive era we have forgot about the creativity that every individual owe!!

All we need is high salaries, incentives, a BMW, and a luxurious life!

Working in an uncommon field is definitely not an easy task there are many stages that you as a person go through! Infinite rejections knock on your doors! Unlimited failures! And un countable struggles welcome you as their guests of honour.

Nothing is so easy in today’s world. Today is the time when you have to fight even for a single penny!

Uncommon fields have a very limited thought process in the viewers mind we think that it is very precise and does not works for a long run rather, it is very difficult to makes ways through!

Just like in the case of modelling we think that earning is pretty limited till the time a model is on the ramp and ready for the walk just only for we appear to be good!

Or, if we take the example of life of a photographer or an editor it is fruitful only till the age the body allows to travel and explore and even till the time your eyes allow to stress.

Limited are our thoughts and limited is our thought process. To get worried is necessary but killing the dreams is also unfair!

Difficulties are on every way but what we need to do is stand on it! Make our ways on our own for no one is born with a silver spoon hard-work is pretty an obvious factor that needs to be done in every field but, more than expected in the uncommon fields.

Its not easy to work in an uncommon field but, putting in efforts consistently and efficiently can make things better because it’s the hard work that pays at the end may be, you as a beginner become the leading professional in that uncommon profession!

All we need is to stand out of the crowd, think out of the box and work towards our uncommon dreams!

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