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Monetizing your Instagram can take many forms, from working with brands, earning ad revenue on videos, accepting tips, or trying out the new Instagram Subscriptions feature. Instagram is the most popular platform for monetizing content creation. The global influencer market size hit a record $13.8 billion USD in 2021, over double what it was in 2019. These non-interruptive ads enable creators to earn a portion of the ad revenue. Any creator in the US, Canada and Mexico who is part of our in-stream ads program is automatically eligible to monetize their publicly-shared reels with ads. Content creators and publishers can only monetize content that they created or were involved in creating or directly featuring the creator or publisher. Content that is unoriginal or reproduced without making meaningful enhancements (commentary, parody, creative editing, etc.) cannot be monetized. Instagram Reels Play Bonus allows creators to earn money based on the number of plays a Reel gets. The feature is part of Instagram's commitment to investing 1 billion in creators. Instagram has many built-in monetizations for creators. With Instagram, you can, partner with brands for a sponsored post through the Brands Collabs Manager. Earn money from Instagram Live by getting badges from viewers that can be converted to cash and can get recurring revenue from Subscriptions, a new feature where viewers pay a monthly recurring fee to access exclusive content. Each monetization feature has different criteria you’ll have to meet depending on your location, the number of followers, and your engagement rate. You’ll have to check your specific account to see if you are already qualified to use them.

Affiliate marketing is another popular way to monetize Instagram in 2023. It’s also one of the easiest ways to get started because most products you’re already using have affiliate programs. This involves working with a brand or business as an “ambassador” to promote their products or services in exchange for a portion of revenue. And Creatikartta is here to help you with Instagram's monetization. We'll help you sign up as an affiliate. Affiliate marketing is an ideal place to begin monetizing your Instagram. The barrier to entry is low and thousands of top brands already have a self-enrollment program in place. Creatikartta helps in promoting Affiliate products you can use and will help you get your own fan following. Creatikartta Marketing Pvt Ltd will show you the best strategies to monetize your Instagram account which helps you to leverage the built-in monetization features. In the upcoming years, Instagram in India will be fully monetised and we'll be able to get revenue from them and generate great income from them.

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