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Before starting with today’s blog I hope we as readers are pretty familiar with today’s topic that says “Where to invest while promoting a brand/product?”

Before starting with all the content I wish to go back in my marketing classes and clear the basic difference between brand and a product.

So, A brand is basically a symbol, design or a name adopted by a company in-order to promote their merchandise or services.

Whereas, A product is an offering, service, merchandise in-order to fulfil the needs of a customer. The product can is customised according to the customer’s requirements.

I hope we are pretty clear with the basics of brand and a product.

So without any further delay let’s begin with today’s blog “Where to invest while promoting a brand/ product?”

If I consider my opinion as a market person just like other investors and businessmen I would dream of having a name and un-measurable consumption of the service/ product that my company offers.

Having a loyal market that would have loyal customers is like a dream come true.

So initially as a product/ service providing company I would seek for a loyal, honest, customer friendly, understanding and a strong man power organisation which would help me to make a reach for a large scale of audience.

My investment and my company’s investment would actually be focused on an organisation that would provide me with effective and desirable results.

An ideal organisation where every company would invest should have some requirements that needs to be fulfilled.

The requirements are:

  1. The organisation should have a command over the making of packagings.

  2. The organisation should understand the requirements so as to be focused and precise while working on a target audience.

  3. The organisation should have a detailed study about the company’s products and services that they are promoting.

  4. The organisation should have a strong communication network so that they could provide the facilities of :-

  • Good Public Relations

  • Brochure Designing

  • Website Designing

  • Appropriate description about the product/services

  • Poster Designing

  • Billboarding

  • Google marketing

  • Search Engine Optimisation

  • Social Media Marketing

  • SMS/ Whatsapp Marketing

  • Offline Marketing Facility (Pamphlets, Classified Ads, Flex)

  • Multiple Campaigns

As in today’s we find everything under one roof but any how, we lack in it.

All of the above a brand/service provider should always seek for a marketing company that helps them in understanding the loop holes that they suffer from and is the reason for the company’s downfall.