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Vikasha not just an event but, an innovative and much wanted event organised by Creatikartta on 12th of September,2020.

The event focused on the well-being and stability of various creators regardless of their fields. The event was marked by the presence of creators from different fields like lifestyle, food, travel, media and production, fashion and the list goes on and on.

The event was more of a discussion which was later followed up with a talk show with all the creators where they were asked about their professional life, their struggles, their strategy in becoming who they are, their perspective and more of their valuable advice's.

The vikasha project turned out to be a complete thumbs up as it had no parameters for the innovative ideas.

Speaking up the event was marked the first question that says;


Well, the most common answer to this question was that an individual might take idea or get influenced but to become who they actually are is all dependent upon their own perspective, likes, dislikes and not forgetting their dedication.

The next in the series was,


Considering that the event was attended by

Cafe owners that is business owners

Lifestyle bloggers

Food bloggers

Media and production

Fashion influencers

Radio jockey

So, this question genuinely had multiple answers. Every time I asked this question each time, I got incredible answers. With each individual the answers varied more than expected. So, lets divide this answer into three categories: The first set of answers was No, A CLEAR NO, and the reason stated for not facing any kind of problem was the pre-planned and the well-planned establishment strategy.

The second set of answers has multiple factors like: Demotivation Pulling back Back bitching No confidence Bullying and what not

Where this category even included that it was very difficult for many influencers to convince their parents too. As to convince is the most difficult situations of all!

So going in the above stated hierarchy our, influencers stated that

Demotivation always takes place no matter which stage of life has the professional reached but what is more important is how importance do you actually give to all these negativity in your life? Because negativity attracts each vibe that counts on to bring you down so if you let one negative element get super-imposed on yourself the other gets strengthen on its own. So, the best way to keep on growing is to let yourself breathe, nurture and accept that only productive and growing people are pulled down.

And hence, keep drilling and polishing your skills because after a cloudy night there comes a bright day!!

Next in the list of questions which has always been the major upcoming influencers has been HOW TO CONVINCE THEIR PARENTS REGARDING SUCH UN-COMMON FIELDS?

And believe me or not this question has been my favorite part of the talk show where even I thought for a while, oh heaven!! I am not alone in this race.

So, the most genuine answer in form of an advice that I received from all the influencers was that to, first create a bond, more of a trust-worthy bond with the parents and initiate conversations with transparency. Explain them well with your thoughts and ideas, don't forget to satisfy their worries and voila!!

Slowly and steadily experience the miracle!!

And to know more about the event stay connected for the video!

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