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In the initial stages of learning any new work we as humans are bound of committing mistakes and some common errors. Initially people who have been practicing it since years have been masters in in it for PRACTICE MAKES A MAN PERFECT!

Today’s blog holds all your attention towards some common errors in photography and some smart tricks to remember!

So lets begin:-

1. The missing focus:- When it comes on focus we particularly switch to AUTO FOCUS because of which we tend to focus on the wrong frame of the image time to time. A simple way to be accurate with the focus is to use the camera’s SPOT AUTO FOCUS MODE where the pro-tip to this says which clicking a portrait make sure that you focus on the subject’s eyes.

Missing focus

2. The dizzy frames:- If your photos are Hazy, Blurry, Unsharp the entire credit goes to the slow shutter speed. When the shutter speed is slow you tend to reduce the sharpness of your images. So as to overcome this use the shutter speed which is equivalent to the length of the focus you are using.

Dizzy Frame

3. Confused Compositions:- Sometimes its not easy to compose a picture perfect frame. In order to overcome this hurdle use the rearrangement of the elements being used in the image and then move on to the RULE OF THIRD.

Rule Of Third

Moving ahead to some classy tips to make the images profession here are some key points that turn out to capture a perfect picture.

  1. Always use a proper frame and be particular about the background.

  2. Use the AV MODE of your camera.

  3. Don’t use TOO HIGH saturation.

  4. Always be specific about the lenses you use so as to enhance the photograph quality.