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Social media is undoubtedly a boon in disguise for mankind, students, business and what not. Well in today’s world social media has become a need of an hour, no matter how successful a particular brand is! So, this particular blog will discuss about the social media tools that every content creator must use:

1. CANVA: Undoubtedly a social media tools list cannot be complete without Canva. It is one of the most popular tools for creating social media graphics, Canva allows its users to create high-quality images quickly and conveniently by using the various layouts, templates and design elements. Where The free version of the tool is extremely comprehensive, but, the users who want wish to use it in its best way can invest €11.99 per month (and approx. 5 people can easily use it) or go with pro or enterprise pricing if it’s the best fit for the business. It is free for education and non-profits. Ways to Create Beautiful Graphics with Canva:

  • Search Canva’s amazing library of templates and choose to use them as-is or to customize for your needs. There is a section dedicated to social media graphics for an array of content formats across platforms.

  • Choose your unique elements to make the graphic your own.

  • Share your new visual on any social media platform!

2. CRELLO: Just like Canva, Crello is a graphic designer tool that makes it easy for certified social media marketers to create stunning graphics without any kind of prior design knowledge. Where Crello’s advantage over Canva is that it offers more than 30,000 free design templates, 180 million photos, 32,000 videos and 15,000 illustrations. one can also design as a team by inviting members upto to 10 members , animate their designs and choose from a music library. Like Canva, a variety of different images and templates are offered, not forgetting that the templates are specifically for social media. Crello is free for users, with limited usage, and pro plan starts at $9.99 a month.

Here is the way to Build Graphics Quickly with Crello:

  • Use Crello’s ‘Create’ tab to find a free design template or templates that work for your brand.

  • Simply click on a design template you love, and customize it using the Crello editor.

  • Save your finished product, and/or share it across your social media sites.

3. HASHTAGIFY.ME: is a free tool with the facility of paid add-on features, that allows you to search for hashtags. Once you have searched for a hashtag, you can determine its popularity and even know how it is actually used. The tool is very simple to use: in the search box, type a hashtag that you are curious about, and then search to find out its performance and further relate the hashtags on Twitter and Instagram. Meanwhile you can also see the top influencers for that particular hashtag, as well as the recent tweets using that hashtag and also the other demographics. Furthermore, the Paid users can sign up for alerts on a particular hashtags, track influencers and usage patterns, and more.

4. PREZIANDFLIPSNACKS: Prezi is a tool that allows its users to create stand-alone in the presentations, and design awesome interactive graphics as well as charts. Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, presenting and collaborating from home has become hugely important considering this important point the platform has capitalised on its technology to make it seamless while looking good! Prezi can be integrated along with other apps like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Webdex and has an ‘Inspiration’ section also where you can see what other brands have done or are doing to engage their audiences. You also get reusable designs and templates so that one doesn’t needs to start from scratch. An individual subscription starts at $3 a month.


Grammarly is a tool that is an all-in-one spellcheck and grammar tool which helps users write error-free copy on Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and almost anywhere else on the web. Grammarly works by using Artificial Intelligence (AI) that scan your text for common and complex grammatical mistakes, including everything from subject- verb agreement to article use and modifier placement. It also does jobs that are beyond regular checking to provide users with explanations and helps them improve their writing skills. The plugin is free for individual users, with premium and business plans also available.

Concludingly, that Whatever social media content the creators want to create, these the above mentioned tools will prove invaluable!!


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