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Social Media Management: How To Make It Work For You? -

Do you have some doubts regarding whether social media management is worthwhile? I'd like to discuss social media marketing before responding to this question. Social media management is the process of “creating and publishing content, monitoring engagement and mentions, growing a community of customers and influencers, and reporting and analysing the results of your efforts” Woohoo, It's a lot, right? In Simple Words “Using Social Media as Advertising Tool” Reels on Instagram, Shots on youtube, Clips for Facebook, and Pins for pinterest These are some current platforms which are very commonly used by a single audience.

The 3C Rule is a basic strategy every brand should keep in mind. It is not a term we have extracted from Books. It is our rule that we follow every brand. 1. Creativity

2. Clarity

3. Consistency

Creativity is not just about fancy “Social Media Posts”, It is also about “Creative Content Creation” How you are Presenting your brand in a catchy and creative manner that it is hitting some nerves in fingers and forcing them to visit your page once even if they are not going to be your customer."The content of your advertising, not its form, is what ultimately determines consumers' decisions to buy or not to buy."

Clarity is that your posts or your content should give a general reflection of your ideation or goal of your Brand. Create your company's stated mission and core concepts, then share them with everyone on your social media pages. It should not look like a messed up Maggie as you all know “maggie in 2 min” is one of the myths but that's the only strategy that has given a full boost to the branding of Maggie.

Clarity of audience, clarity of product, What the concerned product is solving and other things you are going to post on social media platforms.

Consistency is the most effective factor now as it is One of the best ways to communicate your brand values by actively posting about them on social media. This allows you to connect with your audience and show them what your brand is all about. If the quality, quantity, or schedule of your content is inconsistent, your customers might be confused. Maintaining a consistent strategy not only improves the customer experience, but also helps to build credibility, reputation, and brand trust.

“Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.” (Andrew Davis)

This statement defines everything. A really good strategy to make sure you update regularly and keep producing material that benefits your audience is to use content pillars. Reach out to us and let's talk about how we can help if you're having trouble with your social media.

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