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Covid 19 days made everyone of us realise that employment is one requirement that has direct effect in our lives either this way or that ways. To have a sustainable employment is one necessary aspect and requirement in our lives. We can’t even calculate the percentage of people who have been dis- owned by the companies or places they were employed in. To have a sustainable job is one such necessity that gives exposure to life.

In today’s blog we would be discussing the importance of self employment in context to an owing employment i.e a comparison between the circumstances and advantages of SELF EMPLOYMENT compared to Employment in a particular organisation.

Self employment is a flexible work space that allows you to access all your skills and tools to live, once you get through the requirements and techniques that you wish to master in there is no looking back! Its just like being your own boss! The working conditions are articulated and executed according to the individual’s flexibility where by the bonus point of self employment is the flexible working hours.

We can Say once you master in the profession that you want to rise in you quote the price according to the project’s requirements. The only master is you.

but, in case of being employed under a particular organisation there are several responsibilities, duties, rules and regulations that needs to be followed. One of the major drawback in it is that You as a worker work within the limited boundaries and have limited access over the skills that could be enhanced on a frequent time if a self-employed person. there is always a particular protocol that needs to be followed strictly, you as a worker are always headed by one to whom you are answerable for every question up.

There are rules and a particular time that needs to be followed weather 9 to 5 other suitable time but, in the case of self employment you are the only owner of your business athlete you much flexibility of time, access of resources and a smooth life. A person who may have the capability of leadership and is responsible enough to work consistently Can easily become successful.

Money attracts individuals and hence we choose work under particular restrictions where everything is time bound and are paid not according to the capabilities or hard work but stipend.

Self-employment is more for the people who know the analysis of the market and have an appropriate strategy to work in their profession so as to gain profit and are bold enough to take tough decisions whereby Our leaders with having control over them self so as to work unstoppably and take strong decision for the profit of the work they are particularly employed in!

The best example for self-employment is freelancing that is to be a freelance worker in which ever feel you want to shine in. But, the only condition to be a freelancer is to work consistently, efficiently and effectively. One should have a proper knowledge about what they are actually working in and for what they're actually working? Freelancing is simply a perfect example for self employment because it is you who has to master and approach that is your promotions and approaches and strategies and working hours all depends upon you as a whole there is no interference of the third party. The individual quotes his or her flexible working hours and prices for each project that they approach for.

only condition is that the professionals should have an appropriate and expertise knowledge in their profession in order to avoid errors one should be very precise and up to the mark and dedicated towards their job so as to be successful in whatever they choose for themselves.

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