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Search engine optimisation in short called (SEO) is a process of trafficking from search engines to websites obtaining organic/true results.

It works on the choices of the finders that they search on different search engines. It is regarded to be handful as well as complex algorithm that is is regarded to be a trade secret!

The SEO can be broadly classified into two categories according to the research:



Without any further delay lets know the two categories of the SEO :


On page SEO factors as the name suggests includes all the details that is “on the page” that is in the soft copy view!

Basically it is all dependent and in one or the other on your website!

It includes everything like the rank of the website, the number of keywords, quantity of the content, quality check, and every essential key point that needs to be kept in mind!

The entire thing has to be so perfect and precise, and such articulated that everything runs very smoothly and appears on the website as well!


Off page search engine optimisation includes everything that would support your website to attain a position. It most likely includes the links that inter connect your website with another that could be social media platforms like Instagram, twitter, and much more. Along with this it even inter connects your website with several more platforms in which there is a hard and un compromised rule of proper quality and quantity i.e appropriate word limit check!

Now speaking of the three main aspect of search engine optimisation that are

  1. What quality of traffic?

  2. What quantity of traffic?

  3. What kind of organic results?

The answer to these frequent questions that would hit your mind at some point of time are…

  1. Quality of traffic : The basic rule of accommodating-readers and viewers to your website is that google that you are a resource to their search questions. Your website is one of a source among the millions that has relevant answers or answers that might satisfy the readers.

  2. Quantity of traffic : Well it depends upon the relativity and relevance with perfect facts and an updated information every-time. The more you have informations the more your website attracts the readers.

  3. Organic Results : Advertisements of the websites is one of a way that attracts viewers to visit your website. The more your advertisements are frequent, the more they attract viewer and hence you have to never pay for it! It is completely an unpaid traffic that your website owes!

Now, answering one of the most searched question on SEO!

Building up of an SEO- friendly website!

Well, once you start with the journey of SEO friendly site then what the most step is of implementing the SEO techniques that you have been learning from so long!

Whether it is a brand or a product, A full fledged company or a startup the rule is a rule that remains constant for everyone that you have to keep on updating your knowledge of the techniques and take full benefit of those techniques by implementing them on your website and attain suitable results!

Hope this blog answers all the basic questions and trigger points that everyone needs to know about SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION!

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