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How To Make Money from Instagram Reel

Instagram Reels Instagram reels are short videos, uploaded for 15,30,60 and 90 seconds, that can inspire, entertain or educate the audience. You can create Instagram reels by using the following tools available on Instagram. Reels is one of the best tools to increase your engagement. But the biggest question that arises is how can we make money from reels as there are so many creators on Instagram how can we standout, how can we earn from it, do I have to use the money for it, like this you must have so many questions. There are so many ways by which you can earn money from instagram reels. Creatikartta , Digital Marketing Company provides quality reels creation "" First of all, you should know about your content it should be creative enough to catch your audience’s attention, check every single detail it will help to know more about the audience, go through your insights it will help you know what’s the perfect timing to post your reels and how many views you are getting from your country or another country, it will give every single details about your every post. Here are some tips that will help you get more engagement and money.

* Paid Collaboration Paid collaboration or promotions is the first and best step for content creators who want to become an instagram influencers. Here you can create content like Instagram stories, reels, and posts but you are paid in kind. It just works like a barter system, brands send their free products to review and promote. *Earn Badges or Money The Instagram badge is one of the features of Instagram monetization. Your community can support you by buying during an Instagram live session. Whenever a supporter buys a badge you will see a heart next to your username let me make it simple by giving example –

Creatikarta a digital agency is going live when they went to animal welfare and so many people are watching their live session during the live session, they provide you with a link and said those who want to help these animals can send some money or badge so people who are watching your live session will eventually send you badges and money because they are being sympathetic toward those animals. *Monetize Your Videos Instagram has been monetized in Us, but eventually, it will be in India too. While monetizing content on Instagram, you allow brands to promote themselves on your videos through TV ads. Your instagram income will be based on the number of views. Creators will get 55% of the ad’s revenue monthly.


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