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How to generate SEO through Facebook advertising

SEO stands for 'Search Engine Optimization', in simple words SEO is like a vendor as we all know that there are so many vendors in the market but only some are good and how will we get to know that it is good when we go there try their products and services that's how we know if it is good or bad and by this, we tell others that this vendor is good here it's prices and services are good, SEO is like same as vendor It aims to improve your website's position in search results pages. Remember, the higher the website is listed, the more people will see it. Facebook will help generate SEO because Facebook is a very big platform where marketing is no longer up for debate it is one of the best tools for staying in touch with customers, sharing news and increasing engagement with the marketplace and can also be useful for generating new leads. How SEO generates website traffic Building traffic from SEO does require a lot of time and effor . To do so, you must create the right content to get people interested in your site. Seo generates website traffic only when you're content is creative it can be an article or videos why articles because people still read articles you are also reading this one right, so we've to show our creativity through which we can attract people and talk about videos, people like to watch videos more as you can see most of the people are making videos but not everyone's video is booming that's why we have to search and learn about our audience in order to create videos and generates website traffic.

How to Generate SEO leads *Target Audience First of all we have to know about our target audience as someone likes my videos of Acting and i suddenly started making videos about something else than my Target audience will not like and I'll started loosing my Target audience so it's very important to know your target audience. * Give Something That Will Attract Your Target Audience Now you'll think what should I give my Target audience because I've not that much money to give them some gifts that will attract my audiance more we can take the example of fashion influencers as if I'm making videos of fashion and beauty than I've to provide them some giveaway or some beauty products by doing this strategy your audience will stick to you and it will also help in getting you more audience. * Audience Feedback Audience Feedback is must this help you generate more leads because sometimes what we make from a very long time people will get bore and it eventually leads to loosing your audience or we'll not get more audience so it's very important to know what your audience wants ask them , interact with them so that you'll get to know more about what they want or do them want some changes in my content. Just like Creatikarta it is one of the best digital agency in Dehradun which will help you provide creative solutions to your brand by their wonderful and creative services as it's name indicate 'Creatikarta' that means creative solutions.

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