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Biggest Comedy Night Ft. Munavar Faruqi by Creatikartta.

Well, we dropped the second bomb by dropping the second volume of comedy night just after a week with big hot shot Faruqi. As you know they say you struck when it’s hot so that’s what we did with beertales

Munavar was more like move over !!

Well, the guys just swept across the heart of Doon as it was expected to be significant not as big as it got !! Creatikartta made sure to give doon a big laugh and we did what we promised! An epic badass show!!

Design and execution

Brand design plays important role in the mind and heart of the audience that’s why good brands spend well on branding and marketing cause first impact and brand perspective decide your pathway to success.

That’s what we did, we took creativity to creativity !! Those who know, know!!

Another event and another story !!

We expected us to be sold out but not as quickly as it struck. Even though we increased the size of tickets and seats we still did not manage to get more than 150 people seats to watch the show.

We feel for you guys!!

But don’t worry we got it covered in the next one we promise !!

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