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Join our vibrant digital marketing course in Dehradun, where passionate learners come together to fuel their growth journey and expand their knowledge base. Engage in lively discussions, collaborate on projects, and gain valuable insights from experienced mentors. Let's embark on this exciting journey together and unlock endless opportunities for learning and success



Start Date

01 March 2024


6 Months

Introduction To Professional Certification in Digital Marketing and Strategy

Course Snapshot

Digital Channels Mastery: Grasp social media, search engines, email, and content marketing.

Data-Driven Decisions: Analyze metrics for strategy optimization.

Compelling Content Creation: Develop engaging content strategies.

SEO Fundamentals: Learn key tactics for better visibility.

Paid Advertising Proficiency: Master Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn Ads.

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Course Highlights
What does our Digital Marketing Course in Dehradun offer?​​

Key Highlights

  • Advanced modules with Generative AI infusion

  • ACDM / PCDMS certificate

  • Access to live training sessions by  Mentors

  • 15+ Case Studies, Live Projects

  • Earn ACDM / PCDMS Executive Alumni Status

  • 90+ Tool Video Library

  • Industry mentor-led fortnightly coaching

  • Tailored resume feedback

  • Mock interviews by managers

  • Explore ChatGPT in digital marketing tutorials

About The Digital Marketing And Communication From Creatikartta

The New Learning Experience


Top 3 reasons why you should choose to do a Digital Marketing Course in Dehradun from ​ Creatikartta

Best Digital marketing course in Dehradun

Discover the premier digital marketing course in Dehradun for mastering essential skills and advancing your career prospects.

Office Talk
Internship Within Our Company

Intern with us for valuable experience and growth opportunities within our company. Join our team and ignite your career

Business Meeting
Make You Corporate Ready 

Equip yourself for the corporate world with our comprehensive training program, designed to prepare you for professional success.

Digital Marketing Course Syllabus

What will you learn?


Top notch and up-to-date curriculum taught by renowned professors and industry experts using videos, case studies, hands-on projects and live sessions

Audience Targeting Strategies
  1. Understanding audience demographics, interests, and behaviors

  2. Implementing segmentation techniques for precise targeting

  3. Leveraging data-driven insights for effective audience engagement

Content Creation and Optimization
  1. Crafting compelling content across digital channels

  2. Optimizing content for search engines and social media platforms

  3. Developing content strategies to drive audience engagement and conversions

Campaign Management and Analytics
  1. Planning and executing digital marketing campaigns

  2. Utilizing advertising platforms like Google Ads and Facebook Ads

  3. Analyzing campaign performance metrics for continuous optimization and improvement

Digital Marketing Advanced Course Instructors

Whom will you learn from?



My vision is to create a sustainable platform where your purpose and requirements meet right people and the right people find a purpose to showcase their skill. My purpose is to diminish a very prominent gap that exists.

DSC06601 2_edited.jpg


Helping people to grow their business is an art in itself and being a Digital Marketer I have shared my perspective on my own.

​My vision is to create that platform and also work with all the amazing persons and explore the whole new world.

Digital Marketing Course Alumni

What Our Learners Have To Say

"Digital marketing helped me reach my target audience effectively, boosting my business's growth significantly."
Priya, Entrepreneur
"I saw tangible results from my digital marketing efforts, with increased website traffic and higher conversion rates."
Rahul, Marketing Professional
"With digital marketing, I managed to maximize my budget and achieve remarkable ROI for my campaigns."
Ayesha, Small Business Owner
Eligibility And Admissions

How To Apply


Please find below the detailed steps to be followed as a part of the admission process

Bachelor's Degree
Fill the Application Form

Apply by filling a simple application form

Get Shortlisted

Candidates will be shortlisted based on the application submitted

Pay and Start Learning

An offer letter will be rolled out to select few candidates. Secure your seat by paying the admission fee.

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