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Beer Bash poster


BEERTALES , the first and only microbrewery in Uttarakhand organised the fab BEERTALES event with their marketing team Creatikartta . The event as effervescent and in high spirits as it was, embraced freshly brewed beer , dance and games . DJ Munega , Oshin , Deepika , Sushmi and Surena were the main highlight of the evening who were some of the renowned female DJ's based in Delhi. The aura of the evening turned enthusiastic and the beats made everyone sway joyously. The Mango Beer became everyone’s favourite, the fresh and tangy beverage was sure enough to put everyone in a frenzy with its antioxidants to beat the scorching 35 degrees of the city.

The Games had "BEER GATAK" which made a special place in the hearts of the doonites present in the event. It was a game where two players compete with each other where they had to chug a complete beer mug within 10 seconds. The one who chugged it first, would get another mug of fizzy beer absolutely free!!

With each passing Saturday there has been a surge in the audience , who come to lose themselves in the trance. The crowd turns insane every weekend with the house turning on by sharp 8:00 PM.

The upcoming 5 Saturdays in Beertales will surely be reminiscent.

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